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Dec 8, 2012 7:00am EST
flu outbreak, or a healthcare associated outbreak, or an environmental threat, where increase in injury or illness would obviously be compromised. host: is a research that goes first? guest: absolutely. that is what we do, and research will get effected. projects with the universal foods vaccine project will get delayed. try to develop a vaccine for hiv/aids. you have a bright, young researchers, and they're in danger of not getting funded. when you do not find them, they will not just continue to go along, they will dropped out of the system. we are concerned about losing a generation of the brightest young researchers. the united states of america has been fortunate that we are the leaders when it comes to biomedical research. we do not want to lose that, and that will happen if people do not get funded. that is the reason me, myself, and dr. frieden and others are concerned that this gets resolved. host: have you had a chance to talk directly to the white house about this? guest: we are definitely in discussion with the department of health and human services, undersecretary k
Dec 5, 2012 7:00am EST
healthcare law. they will see the top rates a bump of 3.8% come january 1. that seems unlikely to be changed as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. you'll still see that surtax on top of that. host: this from twitter. guest: i leave that as it is. host: is that how much it could go up? guest: yes. host: currently it is 35%. go ahead, mark. caller: the previous caller mentioned capital gains -- the recent point about the medicare surcharge to pay for the affordable care act. if he thought it could be a solution to kill both of those birds with one stone. guest: i'm not a health-care expert. host: no problem. we have this from twitter. guest: i believe that is the case. tom in california, go ahead. caller: i have several issues with the estate tax. i am a farmer if it comes back to the normal 1 million exemptions. we work together to build this estate. it wasn't just my parents but it is in my parents' name. i have to pay tax to something i have contributed to. host: help people understand how farmers fall into this estate tax? how is it your estate is worth more than $1 million? ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2